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Supp-Le-Milk Value Model

It is completely natural, when a teat is suckled empty it tells Mother Nature: NEED A FULL MEAL!

If Supp-Le-Milk could help all your piglets get strong early to help you utilize one to two more teats on each of your sows, would you be interested in:

  • Lowering pre-weaning mortality and weaning more quality pigs?
  • Improving pigs per sow per year by reducing the use of nurse sows?
  • Increasing profits thru increased revenues and lower cost of production?

To calculate what Supp-Le-Milk may be worth to you, simply insert your numbers in the Supp-Le-Milk Value Model.

To help you get started, Soppe Systems offers the Supp-Le-Milk Starter Kits.

Contact us to order yours today.