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What is Supp-Le-Milk-EARLY PIG CARE?

EARLY PIG CARE is a much needed solution for today’s larger litters. This involves providing timely attention and Supp-Le-Milk to certain baby pigs in the litter. Target pigs include those which are born later as well as any pigs which are energy deprived for any reason.

When do we use it?

EARLY PIG CARE is provided immediately following colostrum. The majority of this attention will take place on day two with typically a small amount on day three.

How do we acquire EARLY PIG CARE?

EARLY PIG CARE involves three steps:

  1. Identify deprived baby pigs
  2. Drench target pigs with 6 to 12 cc/ml of Supp-Le-Milk
  3. Show them where they can find more Supp-Le-Milk in a Starter Cup

View the Supp-Le-Milk "Drenching for TEATS" Clip for more details on EARLY PIG CARE.

Why should we consider EARLY PIG CARE for our operation

EARLY PIG CARE can help all your baby pigs get strong early on. When baby pigs are strong they will now be able to empty their teat. What does emptying the teat tell Mother Nature?

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