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More Pork. More Profits.

It's all about getting more profits out of the time and money you invest in your pork operation.

With Soppe's system of management and Supp-Le-Milk, all baby pigs in the litter can get strong early on. When baby pigs are strong they are able to empty their teat. When all the milk is taken away from the teat it tells Mother Nature "Need a full meal!" To learn more about this early pig care which helps you target "at-risk pigs" view the Supp-Le-Milk "Drenching for TEATS" Clip.

Whether your business can benefit from using Supp-Le-Milk on individual litters, or multiple litters, you’ll be impressed with how little milk and time it takes to make an incredible difference!

Would you like to give it a try? To help you get started, Soppe Systems offers the Supp-Le-Milk Starter Kit. Contact us to order yours today.