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Baby Pig Milk Replacer Feeding System

When opportunities exist to increase your profits by using Supp-Le-Milk on multiple litters, the Supp-Le-Mate feeding system is an excellent investment in your feeding time and money. What this means to you is you get all the benefits of using Supp-Le-Milk, without the time and labor required for individual litter feeding!

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Additional Supp-Le-Mate Features and Benefits

  • Installation is simple. Producers can install it themselves using PVC pipes, flexible tubing and the new Push-Fit Tees. Improving your operation's bottom line just got easier with the introduction of the new Push-Fit Tee for Supp-Le-Mate®.
  • Feeding and cleaning is made simple through a centralized Valve Control Panel and Reservoir. By simply turning valves, cleaning and supplying fresh Supp-Le-Milk® to your litters are easily accomplished in minutes.
  • Labor requirements are minimal to keep the milk fresh and the system clean. This can mean more marketable pork out the door and more profits in the bank.

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