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Current Situation

NEED MORE TEATS has become an expression heard much more frequently today with the ever increasing litter size the advancements in genetics are providing. With the higher number of piglets born alive, many producers find themselves having to create more and more foster litters to accommodate for the increase.

Perceived Solution

The natural thinking to this situation is that if our sows had more teats, all the sows would raise more piglets and this would solve the problem? Should work right?

The Reality

The reality is most all sows today have 14 or more teats and yet they are only weaning on average 10 to 11 piglets at their side (using 10 to 11 teats). This means that on average there are at least three or more teats available on every udder not being used to wean piglets?

Supp-Le-Milk Solution

What if we helped see to it that all piglets get strong early on? How? By providing EARLY PIG CARE and Supp-Le-Milk to certain piglets that need it, so all piglets will become strong. Why? Now when the sow nurses the litter all piglets are strong enough to empty their teat. What does emptying the teat tell Mother Nature?

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